Spirit Classic Transfer Cream

Spirit Classic Transfer Cream
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30ml Twist Bottle (ST1)+ Special Price $3.52 Regular Price: $6.00
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120ml Twist Bottle (ST4)+ Special Price $7.82 Regular Price: $10.82
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  • Every tattooists first choice in stencil transfer products!
  • Spirit Stencil Transfer cream is manufactured specifically for use with the Spirit transfer paper range.
  • The Spirit Stencil Transfer cream performs the transfer effectively and keeps the skin protected.
  • Only a thin layer of transfer cream is required and applied onto the skin
  • Designed to maximize image transfer quality by 'activating' wax for superior clarity on the skin
  • Only cosmetic ingredients are used making the Spirit transfer cream safe on all skin types
  • For optimal results, use the matching cream/paper combo.

Available in 30ml, 60ml, 120ml & 240ml bottle


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