3M Comply Steam Chemical Integrator

3M Comply Steam Chemical Integrator

Product Code : 3MCI-100X
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The 3m Comply Steam chemical integrator is a class 5 sterilization indicator.


Class 5 - Integrating Indicators

  • Indicating time, temperature and moisture sometimes called a biological indicator because it is timed to change colour at a temperature of 134 degrees Celcius. They are designed to parallel the death time of micro-organisms.*


3M Comply Steam Chemical Integrator

When the colour bar moves anywhere into the ACCEPT area, all the critical parameters (Time/Steam/Temperature) have been met.

• This Class 5 Steam Chemical Integrator should be used in every load, by placing it in each pack, pouch or tray to be sterilized.

•3M Comply Steam Chemical Integrators are used in conjunction with Biological Indicators, but never as a replacement for them.


100 pieces / pack

(price is per pack)



1. Australian Dental Association, Guidelines for Infection Control.

2. Australian Dental Association, Practical Guides to Infection Control

3. AS/NZS 4187:2003


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