Sterilization Pouches

Sterilization Pouches

57mm x100mm (ZK-057100)+ $4.45 (650 In Stock)
70mm x 230mm (ZK-070230)+ $9.86 (1379 In Stock)
90mm x 230mm ( ZK-090230)+ $11.73 (1112 In Stock)
135mm x 260mm ( ZK-135260)+ $19.64 (346 In Stock)
190mm x 330mm (ZK-190330)+ $29.09 (54 In Stock)
230mm x 380mm (ZK-230380)+ $36.00 (42 In Stock)
305mm x 430mm (ZK-305430)+ $48.00 (33 In Stock)
90mm x 135mm (ZK-090135)+ $8.00 (887 In Stock)
50mm x 195mm (ZK-050195)+ $8.00 (164 In Stock)
Product Information


Our sterilization pouches pouches are manufactured with lead-free, built-in dual internal and external indicators to ensure the correct sterilization temperature is reached in the autoclave chamber, as well as inside the instrument compartment. This eliminates the need for internal indicator strips. Each pouch also features transparent film to allow for easy viewing of contents.

The dimensions quoted above refer to the size of the film.

Each box contains 200 pieces per box (price is per box).


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