An Introduction to Brushing

An Introduction to Brushing

Brushing your teeth & daily flossing  will help you maintain optimal oral health and keep your smile looking great. It  prevents gum disease & other dental related problems. In order to brush your teeth effectively, you need to ensure you are following a correct brushing method.

The most common and widely recognised method is the Bass method. The Bass Method endures plaque found at and  above your gum line is cleaned effectively thereby reducing the plaque in this area which is often neglected when not brushed correctly. The Bass technique  involves angling the brush at about 45 degrees resting the brush on the junction of tooth to gum and brushing up or down over the tooth. The movement of the brush bristles is always away from the gum. This method is technique sensitive and a lot of care is required to master the Bass method , it requires different positioning and movement on various sections of the mouth.

A manual brush is utilised, and one with soft bristles and a small head. This allows the brush to fit into the smaller areas especially on the outside of the upper molars (back teeth) and on the tongue side of the lower molars without too much difficulty. We have a wide range of toothbrushes with variety of sizes and bristle softness to suit all mouth sizes.

The Australian Dental Association recommends we use a fluoride toothpaste. We at My Oral Care have the Paro Amin toothpaste range. The children's toothpaste has 250 ppm Fluoride , with a mild mint flavour . The adult toothpaste has 1250ppm fluoride and also contains Panthenol to help strengthen the gums. Both toothpastes are SLS free . SLS has been known to cause sensitivity and even allergy in some people.

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