Microshield Handwash

Microshield Handwash

500ml Bottle (MS500X)+ $7.45
1.5L Cassette (MS112X)+ $26.27
5L Bottle (MS5LX)+ $68.18
Product Information


  •  Microshield Handwash is general handwash consisting of a mild netural liquid at pH 7.0. The ingredients are anionic surfactants emollients and moisturisers in an aqueous base.
  • The microshield Handwash is a Non-anitmicrobial surfactant based liquid skin cleanser. Assists in the removal of transient micro-organisms with water and mechanical friction.

Available : 500ML, 1.5L, 5L Bottle or 500ml Dispenser Pump ( price is per bottle/dispenser)


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