Cartridge Needles - Round Liners

Cartridge Needles - Round Liners

3 Round Liners (TNC-1203RLX)+ $22.50
5 Round Liners (TNC-1205RLX)+ $22.50
7 Round Liners (TNC-1207RLX)+ $22.50
9 Round Liners (TNC-1209RLX)+ $22.50
11 Round Liners (TNC-1211RLX)+ $22.50
14 Round Liners (TNC-1214RLX)+ $25.23
18 Round Liners (TNC-1218RLX)+ $25.23

Tattoo Professionals Product Only

This product is RESTRICTED and only available to Tattoo professionals / artists whom are over 18 years of age, currently hold a registered active ABN and/or hold a Tattooist License in their relevant state. By checking the agree box, I agree that I meet these terms & conditions.

Product Information


  • Manufactured using the highest quality medical grade plastic & 316L Stainless Steel
  • New & Improved Design- Features a silicone membrane for improved durability and performance. This new improved design also ensures no ink backspill into the grip.
  • Each needle cartridge is pre-sterilized and individually blister packaged.
  • 0.35m diameter with a super long taper length of 5.5mm
  • Single-Use - Disposable
  • Fits EZ Grips & Cheyenne Hawk machines
  • Allows for the artist to switch needle configuration very quickly.
  • 20 pieces per pack

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