Disinfecting and Anti Bacterial Wipes

Orien Tattoo Supplies stocks a selection of pre-moistened wipes that are ideal for maintaining a clean and hygienic tattoo studio. Our range includes effective alcohol wipes and hospital-grade disinfecting wipes, perfect for cleaning surfaces and equipment to ensure a hygienic environment. All antibacterial wipes we stock can also be purchased in bulk from our online store, providing exceptional value.

Alcohol Wipes

Wipes containing alcohol are gentle on both skin and surfaces, making them an ideal solution for cleaning and disinfecting. Containing disinfecting and solvent properties, the formula of these wipes consists of 70% isopropyl alcohol, ensuring no residual is left after a surface has been cleaned.

Ideal for most surfaces, these wipes can also be used to disinfect trays and utensils between clients. However, please note that alcohol wipes are not suitable for plastics. If you require a suitable disinfecting solution for plastics, hospital-grade wipes are recommended.

Hospital-Grade Disinfectant Wipes

Hospital-grade disinfecting wipes provide fast and effective cleaning and disinfecting of most hard surfaces, with a 10 second kill time of germs and bacteria. Free of alcohol, these wipes are ideal for a range of surfaces, including ceramic, stainless steel, chrome, acrylic, glass, and even plastic.