Red Soap Concentrate - S8 Tattoo

Red Soap Concentrate - S8 Tattoo

Product Code : S8-RS50
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  • Alcohol-Free, Vegetable-based preparation Soap developed specifically for tattooing
  • Unlike other preparation soaps on the market, Red Soap does not contain alcohol which means you client will experience less pain and inflammation.
  • This fluid is loaded with plant enzymes and vegetable surfactants that lift away and neutralize oils, dead skin cells, topical bacterium and fungi- when applied to the skin, it gently cleans and prepares the skin for the tattooer to work
  • Vegan
  • Made in USA
  • Powerful astringent and alkaline skin wash that pH-balances the skin
  • Simply add one sachet into your 500ml Wash Bottle (1 Sachet per 500ml water)
  • 50 Sachets / Box

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