Replacement Ink Roller (SIR-MHG1800X)

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The MEDITRAX surgery benchtop patient traceability module is specifically designed for a surgery requirements. The MEDITRAX surgery module is intended to identify and log every cycle of a surgery serilizer and any equipment which has passed through this process and has been used on a patient. To provide added security for you and your patients, you must be able to identify any sterilized item or equipment that has been used on a patient, proving that it has succesfully been through a decontamination and sterilization process. The MEDITRAX module provides the following beneifts:

  • Traceability from patient records to sterilizer records
  • Documents to AS/NZS 4815 standards
  • Documents integrity
  • Full audit trail traceability
  • Sterilizer maintenance record
  • Staff data linked to the above
  • All materials supplied
  • Easy to learn

The MEDITRAX Surgery Sterilization & Patient Traceability module offers the following:

Surgery Sterilization

Meditrax Surgery Module Kit - includes: 1 x Surgery Log Book + 150 Meditrax Surgery Class 6 Emulator Labels ( price is per kit)

1 x Surgery Log Book ( price is per book)

1 x Meditrax Surgery Class 6 Emulator Labels 400 pcs / pack ( price is per pack)

Patient Traceability

1 x Meditrax Label Applicator ( individally sold applicator)

1 roll x Suretrax process indicator labels - 700 labels per roll ( price is per roll)

1 pad x Surgery patient record sheets - 10 pads per pack ( price is per pack of 10 pads)

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