EZ-TEST Biological Indicator

EZ-TEST Biological Indicator
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Biological Monitoring

  • Used to establish the ability of the sterilization cycle to kill specific micro-organisms, which are known to be both non-pathogenic and the most resistant to the steam sterilization process.
  • The Biological Indicator provides the highest level of assurance that the sterilization cycle is working effectively and all micro-organisms were destroyed.
  • Steam sterilizers which have not been calibrated or validated should be monitored by a weekly test using a biological Indicator or alternatively each load must be processed with a biological emulator. The preferred test organism for steam sterilization is Geobacillus Stearothermophilus.*


EZ-TEST Biological Indicator

EZ-TEST is a self-contained biological indicator used for monitoring sterilization processes of steam.

EZ 4-Step Directions:

1. Place EZ-TEST in load, expose the load to sterilization cycle.

2. Following exposure, remove the EZ-TEST biological indicators as soon as the load cools.

3. Crush the glass culture medium ampule to activate the culture system

4. Place in an appropriate incubator for 48 hours

EZ Interpretation:

  • If the spores survive the sterilization cycle, the culture medium will turn to yellow. If the spores have been killed, the culture medium will remain the original colour (red).


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2. Australian Dental Association, Practical Guides to Infection Control

3. AS/NZS 4187:2003






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