Examination Gloves

Disposable Gloves

Orien Tattoo Supplies is proud to stock a large range of disposable examination gloves online, including latex and nitrile options that are ideal for use by tattoo artists. Choose from a wide range of different types and sizes, including high risk examination gloves that offer a higher level of protection.


We stock disposable latex gloves in a wide range of varieties and sizes, allowing tattoo artists to select an option that best suits their needs. Choose from textured or smooth examination gloves, including powdered and powder-free options. We also offer high-risk gloves that are extra thick and extra-long, providing increased protection when needed. In addition, our latex range also includes black gloves that are ideal for minimising the appearance of blood and tattoo ink.


As well as stocking a great range of latex options, we’re proud to offer a selection of latex-free nitrile gloves, ideal for those who suffer from latex allergies. Our nitrile disposable glove options are available in several types and include features such as beaded cuffs, as well as textured fingers to provide extra grip. Choose from a variety of sizes to suit your needs, including extra small, small, medium and large.