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Tattoo Stencil Supplies

Orien Tattoo Supplies stocks a wide range of tattoo stencil supplies, including tracing paper, thermal paper, carbon sheets, and more. We pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection, allowing you to locate stencil supplies that fulfil your needs.

Transfer Paper

Our selection of tattoo transfer paper contains numerous options that are ideal for the creation and transfer of tattoo stencils. Choose from thermal paper and carbon paper in A4 sizes, as well as tracing paper that allows for easy creation of stencils. With options available from ReproFX, the reputable manufacturer of Spirit Thermal Paper, you’re sure to find a reliable product for your tattoo studio within our wide range.

Other Stencil Supplies

We also stock a variety of specially formulated stencil solutions that are designed to assist throughout the stencilling process. These include Stencil Stay, Stencil Off and stencil transfer cream. Stencil Stay is ideal for minimising smudging and fading while working on a stencilled tattoo, while Stencil Off provides an effective solution for removing tattoo stencils off the skin when no longer needed. We also offer Spirit stencil transfer cream, useful for transferring stencils and protecting skin. Containing only safe cosmetic ingredients, it’s also safe for use on all skin types.

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