SkinLock Hydrogel - Tattoo Sealant

SkinLock Hydrogel - Tattoo Sealant

Product Code : SLTS-24

Tattoo Professionals Product Only

This product is RESTRICTED and only available to Tattoo professionals / artists whom are over 18 years of age, currently hold a registered active ABN and/or hold a Tattooist License in their relevant state. By checking the agree box, I agree that I meet these terms & conditions.

Product Information


SkinLock is a new, innovative solution for immediate care of a fresh tattoo.

  • Replaces the use of traditional tattoo dressing after a tattoo
  • Stops ink loss thereby eliminating the need for following touch up appointments.
  • SkinLock helps to reduce drainage from the tattoo and promote healing. With one application of SkinLock Sealant Spray, the hydrogel solidifies to form a thin, transparent, protective coating that eliminates the need for secondary dressings. This helps to keep dirt and bacteria out and keep the area clean to prevent infection.
  • Maintains a moist environment, while still allowing the skin and tattoo to breathe to enable healing. A wound that is not allowed to breathe is at risk to become a breeding ground for infection. And freshly tattooed skin that becomes too dry can result in the development of a crust which could damage the skin, the tattoo, and cause ink loss. Since SkinLock forms a flexible coating on the skin, it is especially easy to apply on any part of the body.
  • SkinLock is Petroleum-free & Vegan-Friendly
  • Protect your client and your art immediately after the tattoo process by applying a thin layer of SkinLock followed by 1-2 pumps of SkinLock Sealant Spray. The sealing process occurs quickly and continues to strengthen for 30 minutes after the application. SkinLock stays on the skin for 2 hours, and then can be washed off and regular aftercare regimen recommended to clients can begin.
  • The customer can wash the sealant off easily with warm water in 1.5-2.0 hours. (then begin standard aftercare procedures)
  • NOTE: Sealant will cause stinging sensation for a short period (one to two mins) due to alcohol content.

Each SkinLock kit includes:

24 x 5g Hydrogel foil dose packs

1 x 1 oz. spray bottle of Sealant



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