Spirit Classic Freehand Transfer Paper A4

Spirit Classic Freehand Transfer Paper A4

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  • The original Spirit Classic Freehand Tattoo Transfer papers are designed for tattooists creating those one of a kind pieces.
  • The Spirit Freehand transfer paper is butter smooth and extremely responsive to pressure, which allows artists to introduce extreme detail to their stencils.
  • THIS IS NOT THERMAL PAPER. Thermal paper is what you need if you have a THERMAL MACHINE.
  • This is a Hectograph Tattoo Transfer Paper enabling the traditional method of drawing or tracing your stencils by hand.
  • The official name of this product is Spirit Classic Freehand 8-1/2 x 11”.  the term "Hectograph" is an extremely common name for the paper which stems for the original production method of carbon type duplication starting in the mid 1900's. While this method is not used anymore, the name has stuck.  The name Free hand is very common in the US and the name Hectograph is very common in Europe.
  • This is a paper-coated product, and the ink is transferred from the "carbon" sheet to the white "master" sheet by pressure or impact (writing or typing) instead of by heat.
  • The ripstop stencil layer sheet is extremely durable and withstands the most aggresive tracing.
  • A4 (8-1/2" x 11"
  • Not compatible with thermal or fax style printers, and should only be used by hand.

100 pcs / box (price is per box)


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