TITEMS Class 4 Chemical Indicator

TITEMS Class 4 Chemical Indicator

Product Code : SZM-0002X
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Class 4 - Multi-parameter Indicators

  • A multi-parameter indicator is designed to change colour when two or more of the critical parameters for sterilization have been met e.g. Time and Temperature.*


TITEMS Chemical Indicator

Titems Monitor HP ( High Precision) are designed for use in steam sterilizers, providing an integrated response to defined combinations of time, temperature and presence of moist saturated steam.
• These attributes are monitored to a point that is well in excess of biological spore kill where upon the indicator spot will change from blue to black.

125 pieces / box

(price is per box)



1. Australian Dental Association, Guidelines for Infection Control.

2. Australian Dental Association, Practical Guides to Infection Control

3. AS/NZS 4187:2003


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