Ultrasonic Cleaning Monitor - Wash-Checks U

Ultrasonic Cleaning Monitor - Wash-Checks U

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Ultrasonic Cleaners 

  • An aluminium foil test ( or another approved performance test) must be performed daily and the result recorded)*


WASH-CHECKS U ™ - Disposable Ultrasonic Cleaning Monitor

1.Check the effectiveness of your Ultra-Sonic Cleaner with a consistent monitor
on a routine basis.

  • When cleaning conditions are effective,  the test soil on monitor is dissolved.
  •    The presence of a large amount of blue test soil remaining on the device means a serious deficiency in ultrasonic cleaning efficiency.

2. Low cost monitor promotes routine use

  •   We recommend monitoring the ultrasonic cleaner once daily with anempty load for a machine release and periodically throughout the day with instruments for a load release.

3.  Use with Wash-Checks Holder

  •   Save money by using the same holder  for your Wash-Checks Washer- Disinfector monitors and your Wash-Check U- Ultrasonic monitors.


Wash-Checks U Cleaning Monitor - 50 pieces / box (price is per box)

Wash-Checks Holder - Price is per holder


1. Australian Dental Association, Guidelines for Infection Control.

2. Australian Dental Association, Practical Guides to Infection Control

3. AS/NZS 4187:2003


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