TITEMS Class 6 Diagnostic Emulator

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Class 6 - Emulating Indicators (cycle verification)

  • These indicators are the most useful as the correct colour change indicates that the sterilizing parameters of temperature pressure and time have been acheived. A CLASS 6 Indicator must be used in each load when using an "on-loan" steam sterilizer or when using a steam sterilizer without a printer.
  • When instruments are intended to be sterile at point of use, then a high level emulating indicator (5 or 6) is required in each instrument pack. While AZ/NZS 4187 permits chemical indicators between 4 and 6 to be used for such a purpose. A Class 6 indicator may be preferable because of their much tighter tolerance on the conditions of steam, temperature and time.
  • A typical Class 6 Indicator will give a colour change at 134 degrees Celcius for 3.5 minutes at the correct level of steam dryness.*

Titems Diagnostic Emulator

Titems Diagnostic Emulators provide an integrated response to various defined combinations of temperature, time and the presence of steam. • Only when all critical Sterilization Parameters ( Time/Steam/Temperature) have been acheived will the indicator turn from purple to green.

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3. AS/NZS 4187:2003

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